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Winter Storm
Posted by OwnerWiz Support on 28 January 2014 02:33 PM

This is courtesy message letting all of our visitors know we are currently experiencing a winter storm at our main offices.  This means that some of our staff will have issues getting to their workstations to assist you.  Phone hold times may be longer than usual so we encourage you to utiliize our support ticket system in the mean time for issue resolution.  

We apologize for any inconvenience during this event and we expect to be back at full capacity on Wed (1/29).

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New Support Center
Posted by OwnerWiz Support on 02 January 2014 12:37 PM

New Year Brings New Support!

We want to wish all our loyal OWM clients a Happy New Year! With the new year we are launching our new support tracking system. We are 100% dedicated to providing top notch support at warp speed which is why we are moving forward with our new help desk software.  Through the new help desk system you will be able to track online any of your support requests at all hours of the day at  No question will be left behind or ignored! So ask away!

Ticket Tracking

Every request sent into our system will be given a unique tracking ID.  This ID will never be used again and forever track your request until it is resolved! You can submit trouble tickets one of two ways.  

  1. By going to and clicking "Submit a Ticket" then following the prompts.
  2. Or by emailing This will autogenerate your ticket ID.

All ticket updates will generate an email so you'll know when something has changed with your pending request.

A Knowledgebase! (or FAQ)

We have put up some common questions we get on a daily basis and placed them inside our Knowledgebase. Please make sure you always check the KB before taking the time to create a support ticket. It could save you some much needed time.  We are still rapidly updating the KB so please continue to check for updates. 

What about Phone Support?

Our phone support system will not change so if you prefer to stick to the phone, then you are not affected. Please note that phone support is still the only option for certain requests (cancellations and deletions).   

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